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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hoping For a Bail-Out....LOL!!

I am currently without home internet service and truly believe that this is creating several issues in running my business.  So I am asking for help with this by creating a Chip-In widget.  I am hoping to have enough contributions to be back up and running by March 15, 2011.  But at this time I can only do this with the help of friends and fans of my Native Style bead work.

Please take the time to help me out with this.  And because I don't believe in getting something for nothing, I will be offering coupon codes in equal amounts of the donations for purchases on

Thanks so much for your time!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PowWows From A Vendor's View

Yesterday (01/24/2011), I was in the Zibbet forums and posted one of my new items that I was promoting for that day.
PowWow Princess Fancy Dancer Earring/Necklace Set

During the following replies, it was noted that not everyone knows exactly what a powwow is... or how much fun it can be for the participants and the public.

So I decided that for my very first blog post here, I wanted to share something that I love.  The joy of the powwows from a vendors' point of view!

It's About More Than Money
Setting up at a powwow is like a family reunion all season long.  Especially after being cooped up during the winter months.  Once you  hit that powwow trail, you may see people that you just saw the week-end before and people that you may not have seen for years.  No matter how long it has been there is a feeling of family and love that just cannot be described.

There is also a spiritual feeling that knows no words.  The sounds of the drum, that we call the heart beat of Mother Earth, call to our hearts..whether for prayer, ceremony or just plain fun-gathering in the camp area.  The drum is shown the utmost respect at all times, no matter if it is the large group drum for our dances or a single person hand drum.  That is our Mother's heart beat. Period!

Just as in the days past, when the time to gather together again we rejoice in the birth of new family members and mourn the loss of good friends that have taken the journey since last we gathered.

Some of the best times are after the gates close to the public,  Some times we get together for 'trade blanket'.  This is a very fun, and can sometimes be rather rowdy, time!  Other times we get together behind someone's vendor stand or at a camp fire and just enjoy life.  Tell jokes, sing to drum songs or just share points of view.
Share Some of the Feeling

I just put together some of my favorite photos to create a slide show just to give you a taste of what you can find at almost any powwow event.  Notice several veteran photos. These ceremonies are not just done at Veterans Day or Memorial Day.  This is something you will see every single week-end at almost every single powwow.  Native peoples just don't need a government holiday to honor our Warriors.  

Hope Every One Enjoys!!
May Creator Bless You and Yours!